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What an awesome weekend I just had! Well, it was all Sunday, but that one day was just so much fun that it MADE the weekend.

Neither Ria or I consider Valentine's Day a real holiday, but I wanted to do something nice anyway. Granted, I sure as hell don't NEED a day to remind me to show her how much I love her, but I used it as an excuse to be more extravagant without her saying I'm a crazy human being (although she's not wrong on that account).

Anyway, we met up at Ten Ren for some tea, then I asked her if she finally wanted try that vegetarian dim sum place that we've walked by a million times. I read a lot of good reviews about it while waiting for her, and I've been looking for places to go to that have either full of at least a reasonable amount of things to choose from since she's giving up meat (and I'm joining in on it with her, albeit at a much slower pace).

I have to say, the place, vegetarian or otherwise, had some of the best tasting food I've ever had. Absolutely everything was delicious. Hell, the mock pork in the noodle dish was so well done I couldn't believe it wasn't the real thing. The prices were great, the staff was extremely friendly, and the portions were HUGE. We both loved it and will definitely be going back. She even said it's her new favorite place, so I'm glad we chose to go there. We also had a conversation with a guy who was sitting at our table. He did look somewhat familiar, and he was very nice. I hope we see him again when we go back.

We had a lot of time left to kill, so we went to Kino for a few hours for some quick dessert and for her to find some pens and things for school.

After a bit of browsing, it was time to head to the theater! We got there early so we had to wait a bit, and when we finally got inside and saw our seats, I was extremely pleased. They were really great! As the time to the show drew closer, I got more and more excited. When it started, I was certainly not disappointed!

Everything about this show was great. The sets were lovely, the songs were super catchy, the choreography was amazing...everything was just top notch. Ria told me it was the best show she's ever seen, and it's only my first, so what in the world can top it? I've just been spoiled!

After the show I picked up the soundtrack and got her a shirt. I decided to take the train back with her before heading home since it was still pretty early, and I was having such a fantastic day that I really didn't want to leave her side.

Just to say too, I don't know what she's been doing, but damn, she has been looking so hot lately! Granted, I always think she looks great, but something about her the last few weeks just makes it impossible for me to take my eyes off her. I do like that she's been putting her hair up in a ponytail, but it's more than that. Whatever it is, she is looking so damn sexy and it just makes me want her all that much more, and makes me realize what a lucky man I am to have her as my girlfriend. Damn, I love this woman so much!
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