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Just...wow. Another X-rated entry.

This woman...my God. I could not be a luckier human being. Did I say last sex entry she was a Sex Goddess? Well, as amazing as that last time was, THIS was that much better. I can easily say that last weekend, I had the absolute best sex of my entire life. Seriously, there is no comparison. 2nd place is light years behind her. Nobody can, and nobody will ever compare to Ria.

I know at times she thinks I'm crazy, but I really mean it when I tell her she has my ideal body type. I love her curvy hourglass figure! I adore every inch of her body from the top of her head down to her feet. Plus her super soft, smooth skin just makes running my hands all over her that much more sensual and pleasing.

Last weekend we decided to book a hotel for some much needed alone time. There were other plans in place, but the number one objective was to spend as much time fucking as possible. That we certainly did.

The last time everything went great, but this time was even better. It had been quite a while, and we both were so ready for each other that everything just fell into place. There was no worry about making too much noise or being bothered.

I recall missionary not being especially comfortable for her before, but this time, HOLY FUCK. It was fantastic beyond words, most notably during the last session. She did so many amazing little things that added up to a whole lot for me. The way she would run her hands down my back, the way she would kiss my neck, nibble on my ear, and squeeze my body with her lovely legs just made it that much hotter. The ABSOLUTE MOST AMAZING THING THOUGH...when she fucked back. She did something where her bottom half rocked up and down while her top half lay there looking so amazingly sexy and it just turned me on in a way I've never known. This combined with her moaning and the faces she was making just made this a feeling that no words can ever fully do justice to.

The other position was also amazing, especially when she leaned back as I was standing behind the bed and she rocked that gorgeous hips back and forth while I grabbed them and smacked her lovely ass. Fuck, no other woman has ever turned me on or made me feel anywhere near as good as she does.

Everything about this was perfect. Kissing her soft lips, running my hands all over her smooth skin, feeling her grip me tightly as she orgasmed...everything. I honestly can't stop thinking about it.

Ever since, I've just been craving more. I simply can't get enough of her. She is without a doubt the sexiest, most amazing partner I could have ever asked for. I love my Greek Sex Goddess. The saying is absolutely true; "Once you go Greek, you've hit the peak." (Okay, maybe I just made that up, but...it's true!)


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