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I'm usually pretty good mood wise, but today I really lost my temper. I get really annoyed when things that should be simple get convoluted or take forever. This job that I haven't even officially gotten or started yet is getting there.

I had to turn in a form because I wasn't sure of something, and when I called the number to talk to the lady about it, she was quite rude. Whatever, I thought, I'll go there and be out within a few minutes I figured. Of course, my phone being the absolute piece of shit that it is, just up and decides to have zero signal so I can't call the lady when I get there. I walked around for a while, turned on the wi-fi, but still nothing. I turn it off then on and THEN it finally works.

So I meet up with her just to find out that the paper I gave her is more than likely not even necessary, so that's great. She also asked if I brought my social security card, to which I told her no because I figured I wouldn't need it. Luckily my shitty excuse for a temporary license was enough.

I got a date for my SIDA class (airport security thing from what I understand), but the lady said if I didn't have a photo I.D. by Wednesday, I couldn't take it and would have to reschedule. Luckily my real license showed up so I can take it. It's also a good thing I didn't schedule my food safety test for that day like I originally planned or I would have been screwed.

Man, all this freaking nonsense for a lousy cashier job at $8 an hour!? Unbelievable.
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