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X rated entry. You have been warned.
Friday, it finally happened. After trying multiple times, feeling awkward, and everything else, my girlfriend and I finally had sex. It was absolutely incredible. Nothing I ever had compares to how amazing she was.

For the longest time, we couldn't even get started because, well, it just didn't seem to fit. No matter what we did, it just simply refused to go in. Granted, I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we both needed to get comfortable with each others bodies. I can say for me, it was a little weird because here I am, naked with the woman who I've known for 7 years who is not just my girlfriend, but also my best friend. I have always thought of her in the most special of ways, so even though I did very much want to have sex with her, I felt extra nervous due to that.

That night though, everything just came together. We both found our comfort, and it just happened. When I finally got inside her...wow. I knew it was going to feel great, but this was just beyond words. We really got in a rhythm, and her telling me to fuck her harder and just go crazy just made it all the better. I loved the way she would move her hips and fuck me back to match the speed. We didn't even count how many times we did it or time it, all we did was just keep going until we couldn't move anymore.

It's great to have someone who enjoys sex on the same level and loves to make it an all day thing. To me, that's the absolute best. We got in our zone, and nothing outside of our 2 bodies existed for the rest of the night. Even after we both climaxed, all we did was rest a few moments and go right back at it. That's the kind of passion and intensity we bring out of each other and I can't get enough of it. We were always super connected, but now, we've reached that next level.

The next night, we went at it again. It took a while to get things started since we were both still tired from the previous all day affair, but we found a little special something that got us both started. The highlight of the night though, was her showing off her oral skills.

No words can describe just how amazing she was. My body was just so overrun with pleasure that I made some weird noise that sounded like crying, and I simply couldn't stop saying "Oh my God." Without question, this was by far the most incredible feeling ever.

I can't believe how lucky I am. Hell, she knows it too. One of the things she said to me after I told her she was far and away the best at, well, everything, was "You're so screwed if we ever break up. Nobody else will be able to compare."

You know what? She's absolutely right about that. However, I know I have the most amazing woman anyone could ask for, so I damn sure will never let her go, nor will I ever give her a reason to want to leave. Not only is she an overall beautiful person inside and out, but she's an absolute SEX GODDESS. I absolutely can't wait to do it all again.
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