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Wow, so I haven't been here in forever. I was hoping to update this on a constant basis and use it as a springboard to get me writing stories again. Guess that didn't exactly work out as planned. I find that I have so many things I want to write about but never do. I really should get on this more often. It seems when I do write things down constantly, I have a better idea of what I should do, look back and reflect on things, relieve some frustration, etc. Not that things ALWAYS go downhill if I don't write, but I feel like it helps a lot. Anyway, on to things!

Work has thankfully gotten better. I've found some people I can talk to, and texting and tweeting always help to pass the time. I still occasionally get frustrated with lazy coworkers or the one overbearing manager, but it's not as bad as before.

I've been having some good times with Gene lately. He came with me to one of the Coney Island Burlesque shows (which was a lot of fun), and we've had a handful of bad movies/video game hangouts. I hadn't seen him much since he started working, and now since I'm working, it's been a bit tough to get anything going. Still, the few hangouts we have had have been fun.

Scott has been busy working on some tattoo ideas I've given him. He's finished up my Horror Martyr one, and it looks pretty bad ass. I have him now working on the Rainbow Fish one for Ria and am going to see if he can come up with a kick ass idea for Diamond Weapon (another awesome late night random twitter war creation).

What else? I actually read a real honest to goodness book with no pictures in it for the first time in...who the hell even knows how long. I always see Ria posting about what she's reading and the constant posts she wrote about this book called Blindness really caught my eye. She let me borrow it and I can honestly say it's one of the best books I have ever read. It took me a while to get used to the author's writing style, but once I did, I only put the book down when I had to start work. The story, characters, descriptions of everything were excellent. You really felt for everyone and all the horrible things they had to go through were heartbreaking to read, yet you always wanted to keep going and see how they got through it. There is a sequel to it and I do want to check it out. But, whatever comes next from the Library of Ria is much appreciated.

I've been practicing driving, and slowly I'm getting better at certain things. My confidence is up and my turns are better, but I still have to try parking. I don't know what happened the other day, but for some reason I couldn't do U turns for shit, and I drifted in and out of being able to do a 3 point turn. I just have to keep at it, because I definitely want to be able to finally head out on my own. Being able to stay out later without having to worry about waiting an hour or more for a late night bus, and being able to drive my friends and girlfriend around are all things I'm looking forward to.

Speaking of my girlfriend, she has me completely hooked on Attack on Titan. I started watching to catch up to where she was, then we decided to watch it together whenever she would come over. Most times this lead to a mini marathon, and both of us were always exasperated when it was over because that meant waiting another week. Being that we are highly impatient people, this was a lot to ask for. What made it even more fun (or dorky, depending on who you ask), was the fact that we got Survey Corps Capes, and we'd wear them while watching. We even one time wore them out the house, and it was awesome.

I truly have not been this obsessed with an anime since Martian Successor Nadesico, and we were both highly upset when the show ended, because it's probably only half (possibly even less) of the manga. Now we wait, since they're releasing a volume a month, but it's only at 7, and according to what we've been told, it goes up to 20. This is also not taking into consideration the other stories they're releasing (Before the Fall and No Regrets). We both were going to wait until the whole series was out before reading it, but I feel that I may crack before that. Hopefully I can find something else to read in the meantime, because I would much rather just sit back and inhale all of AoT in one big ass marathon rather than start up and have to wait for more. That is just too much torture for me to handle.

Halloween is upon us and I've fallen behind terribly on my 31 Days of Halloween movie watching. I'm about 5 movies behind schedule, so I may just try and watch some older and shorter films to help bridge the gap, especially since we made up a movie watching marathon for next month that we've dubbed "Arnold SchwarzNovember." From horror to action, oh yeah!

There are a few other things on my mind, but I think separate entries work better for them, so...yeah.

Date: 2013-10-22 03:09 am (UTC)
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HOW I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO NOT HAVING TO DRIVE SO MUCH ANYMORE. I hate hate hate hate hate driving but I do it because I'm the only one who can take us places that are like Long Island or Jersey or DC or anywhere really.

I really did not like how Attack on Titan ended. AT ALL. TOO MANY QUESTIONS. NOT ENOUGH ANSWERS. I HATE YOU ALL.

I need to see you, soon. Let's make a date =)???

Date: 2013-10-22 03:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] daydream
Text me <3.
My phone is ... somewhere.


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