May. 17th, 2013

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Not to harp on this, but I feel like saying it, and then I swear it's over and done with. This will truly be the final entry on her.

So, last time I went to see Delilah, it was to give her back a necklace she gave me, and for her to give me back the box for the engagement ring. The time before that, I literally was there for about 20 seconds and left without saying much. I decided to be more civil this time. We hugged and spoke for a few moments. It was slightly awkward, but it felt like maybe with a little time, at least a friendship could be maintained.

Cut to a few days later. I get a text from her saying "I'm glad to see you're moving on. I'm really happy for you. How would you like to go about with me paying you back the money I owe you?" Keep in mind, this is LITERALLY the day after Maria and I started dating. I told her to just let me know when she had money, that $100 at a time was good and I'd simply go to her place to pick it up. I jokingly said it would be better than wasting a stamp to mail it to me. Her response? "What's your address again? I may just decide to waste the stamps."

Wow. Seriously? You now hate me so much that you can't be in my presence for 10 seconds to hand over some money? Somehow, I should have expected this to happen. Silly me for thinking things could be alright. Funny how she is the one who broke up with me all 3 times, yet SHE'S the one acting hurt and upset.

Her problem is that she has an ego. I remember the first time we broke up, I got a number from a stripper and she wanted to take me out for coffee, invite me to her house and everything. When Delilah found out, she even admitted that she thought it would take me longer to get over her. Second time we broke up, I told her all the plans I would try to get myself together and move on, then guess what? She was upset. Why? Because I wasn't more upset about it being over.

Here we are now. We broke up a few weeks ago, and instead of moping, what happens? I reunite with my best friend, and then we decide to date. As soon as she finds out, she acts hostile towards me. Clearly, there are 2 easy explanations for this:

1. Once again, she's upset that I moved on so quickly.
2. It's because it's with Maria.

Sorry to say, but after breaking up so many times, do you really think it's going to bother me that much? Is your ego really that big? Are you truly that vain? Sadly, it seems that way.

Maybe she thinks I did this out of spite to hurt her. Maybe it's the same nonsense as all the other times, where she thinks distancing herself from me will make her feel better. By her own admission, I was the only real friend she ever had, and yet despite my best efforts to retain a friendship IN SPITE of her treatment of me, she tosses me to the side like I meant absolutely nothing.

You know what? We BOTH got what we wanted in the end, but I don't think you're going to be too happy about it. I can't even be mad at you, because in the end, I just feel sorry for you.


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