May. 16th, 2013

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Not too much has happened as of late, but I do like to keep writing to stay in the flow of it. Let's see what has gone down recently...

Well, after weeks of procrastination, I FINALLY finished chapter 12 of the food safety course. It was exceedingly long and excruciatingly boring. What pissed me off is that after all that, most of the questions were about stuff at the end of the reading, thus making more than half of what I read absolutely pointless! Oh well, next 2 are short at least, and hopefully the last chapter is just rehash so I can breeze through it. We'll see.

My good buddy (more like my brother really) Valdo is doing well for himself lately and I'm so proud. His wrestling training is really paying off. He's gotten into great shape and has been getting booked on more and more shows recently. Right now he's a referee, but I'm sure pretty soon they're going to try and put him in a match. He's been making a lot of friends who are big names in the independent circuit, and one of the upcoming shows will feature a lot of former stars from WWE and TNA. I told him to make sure to ask as many questions as possible so he can learn tricks of the trade, as well as make connections that can help him move forward with his dream. He's come a long way and his dedication really shows. I can't wait to see him succeed because I always knew he had it in him.

Originally Maria was supposed to come by on Monday, but my Grandmother has issues with my girlfriends staying over late (or later than she feels is proper). So instead of rushing things, I met up with her and her nephew Stevie. We ate at McDonald's, then went back to his house and just talked and watched t.v. Afterwards she dropped me off at the train, but we stayed in the Jeep and spoke about a lot of different stuff for about 2 hours. Simple, but good. Any time with her is wonderful. I really love her so much and am glad to be with her.

Tuesday I went to take my ex's engagement ring to get cleaned and re-sized. Why you ask? Well, my Dad gave me some money for it and decided to give it to his girlfriend as a gift. I told the lady my story and she went "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Do you want to bring that girl here so I can beat her up?" That was hilarious. After that I went to Hot Topic to pick up Emilie Autumn's "Fight Like A Girl" album, and also picked up 2 shirts since it was buy 1 get 1 half off. I found a kick ass CM Punk shirt, but was having a hard time finding another one I liked, so I ended up picking up a Dr. Who shirt because it was funny. I don't even watch the show, but I needed another and that was all I could find that I liked (and wasn't black).

Other than that, I'm looking forward to finishing these quizzes so I can take my food safety test and for my darling Riasaur to finish her finals so we can hang out more and have our sleepovers! Things are certainly looking good.


May. 16th, 2013 10:13 pm
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So, I have my buddy Scott designing a tattoo for me, and so far it's looking pretty awesome. I wanted it to say Horror Martyr (my label on a horror forum because I watch the absolute worst of the worst) along with 5 silver stars. On its own, it isn't much, but Scott is making it into something special for me. The only request I had was that he fit a knife and syringe somewhere into the design, the rest is up to him. He's also designing a Rainbow Fish for Maria, and I'm sure that will turn out nice as well.

I find it funny because I always liked the idea of a tattoo, but never thought I would get one. I happened to get one spur of the moment before leaving Florida though, and I absolutely love it. The current one I have is a skull with a jester hat. It fits me perfectly because I do enjoy morbid things, but I also love to make people laugh. In the middle of getting it, I was already thinking of another, and I knew I wanted Scott to do something for me. I really can't wait to see what kick ass design he comes up with.


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